About Victor

Growing up the odds were stacked against Victor Malin from ever making it out of the low income neighborhood he was born into. Both parents were mentally ill and at the age of 9 years old he was taken out of his parents’ home and placed in foster care. From then on he would go in and out of foster homes, group homes and juvenile detention facilities until finally at the age of 18 he found himself facing 17 years in prison.

However, during his time locked up he found a light at the end of the dark tunnel he’d created for his life...a college education. Through a special federal grant for youthful offenders he was able to obtain most of his lower division credits from behind the walls. Just 3 months prior to his release date he was accepted to California State University Sacramento where he went on to receive a B.S degree with a double major in finance, insurance & risk management and now works as an accountant.

Although he was fortunate enough to have overcome his situations he has never forgotten where he has come from and recognizes his obligation to today’s at risk youth. So at the age of 28 and only 5 years out of prison himself, he started a non-profit mentoring program called Reaching Back “To Our Youth”. He now goes back into the institutions he once found himself in, to speak, motivate, and give hope. His main message to the youth is that “if I did it, so can you!”


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When I was young I was always a reachable kid. I just didn't have anybody that I really looked up to and respected enough to listen to...