Become A Mentor

Becoming a mentor can be one of the most rewarding things you will ever do with your life. Being a mentor is an opportunity for you to be a role model and to provide a positive example to a youth who might not otherwise have had one. To know that you had a positive impact on the life of a youth is a feeling you will carry with you.

We have all been through some form of struggle in our life growing up. Just by the fact that you are reading these words means that by some means you made it through. By making it through you gained strength and knowledge that only you possess. Just imagine that while going through that struggle you had the guidance of someone that walked in your shoes. You can be that someone to a youth. You can reach back.

Being a mentor does take commitment. Each match is for a minimum 12 month timeframe with an average of 2 hours spent together each week. Ultimately we would like each match to mature into a life long friendship. Throughout your match you will have the support of other mentors and all of us at Reaching Back “To Our Youth”. If you feel you have a calling to become a mentor please download the mentor intake package & live scan request form below.


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When I was young I was always a reachable kid. I just didn't have anybody that I really looked up to and respected enough to listen to...