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As a young person making the decision to have a mentor in your life will be one of the wisest decisions you will ever make. Imagine having a guide and a coach to help you through the situations you face everyday. Imagine further having that coach have been through what you’re going through so that they can give you experienced advice to help you though.

The right mentor can be a positive role model in your life. Not all of us have positive role models to look to for guidance and support. All too often many of us actually end up looking to negative role models for advice because they are all we have around us.

Take a second and think of the people you look up to and go to for advice. Do they tell what’s right? Are they successful? Are they where you want to be in life? Do they encourage you to do good things? Do they tell you to go to college? Do they encourage you to follow your dreams and reach your true potential?

Life is full of trouble and obstacles. It is invaluable to have the guidance and friendship of someone who has experience and an honest desire to see you succeed. Our goal is to match you with mentors that were once in your situation and can relate you your struggles. This is what makes Reaching Back “To Our Youth” different. All of the mentors that we will introduce you to have the life experience of walking in your shoes.

If you’re ready to make that wise decision of having a mentor please download and return the below mentee intake package.

Don’t forget, the sky is the limit!


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When I was young I was always a reachable kid. I just didn't have anybody that I really looked up to and respected enough to listen to...