Refer A Youth

Reaching Back “To Our Youth” knows that there are many of our youth out there that could benefit from having a positive role model and friend in their life. However, many times these youth never come in contact with a positive role model and instead cling to figures in their neighborhoods that they see every day. Many times these figures are not positive ones and can steer the youth down the wrong path.

We do our best to partner with schools, youth centers, juvenile halls and other youth organizations in order to identify youth who are most at risk and could really benefit from having a positive mentor in their life.

It is our hope and goal that every youth that needs a mentor will be provided one. However, we know that some youth will still fall through the cracks. Help us prevent this from happening.


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When I was young I was always a reachable kid. I just didn't have anybody that I really looked up to and respected enough to listen to...