Our Programs

Greater Futures Realized

All of our programs aim to reduce recidivism and equip our youth to not only be productive citizens and contributors to society, but future leaders and visionairies as well.


Juvenile Hall

In 2009 it was a voicemail from Officer Greg Trench that first gave R.B.T.O.Y. the opportunity to come into the Sacramento County Youth Detention facility to mentor at-yout risks and we have never looked back since.


Many Youth parole from the California Youth Authority without the needed items for success. Our aim is to arm every youth with 4 things prior to release that will be critical for their future success: An ID, Social Security card, GED, and resume.

AB12 Homes

After their release, some youth don't have a place to come home to. Through a relatively recent assembly bill passed (AB12) youth that meet a certain criteria qualify for housing assistance even beyond the age of 18. R.B.T.O.Y. looks to buy older homes, rehab them, and use them as transitional housing units for the youth coming out of the system with no where else to go. While a resident, they will also work on their financial/credit situation so they too can become homeowners.

Probation Schools

We can begin to catch youth before they go too deep in the system. Also for some, probation institutions can be a bit of an intimidating place to mentor. With this in mind we also work in partnership with the Sacramento School District, Boys and Girls Club, and Probation to keep youth out of the system.


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When I was young I was always a reachable kid. I just didn't have anybody that I really looked up to and respected enough to listen to...